CIF Gold Offer
Gold trader in Ghana offering 100% CIF shipment worldwide, No upfront payment, we ship gold bars...

Commodity               :  Gold
Origin                         :  Republic of Ghana
Form                          :  Gold Bar
Product-History        :  Clean, Clear, No Liens and Non-Criminal Origin
Delivery                     :  CIF (Cost, insurance and freight)
Purity                         :  95.5 to 99.9% purity
Quantity                    :  10 to 200 Kilograms
Price                           :  Negotiable
Currency                   :  USD
Payment                   :  No upfront payment!

Buyer shall be responsible for costs of Assay, all taxes, documents, and expenses to ship the gold to Buyer destination. 

·        Seller shall send his representatives to accompany the goods to buyer’s final destination for Final Assay and collection/transfer of the money.
·       Buyer and Seller shall Sign the Sales/Purchase Agreement after agreeing to the Procedures, Terms and conditions.
·       Shipment below 5 kilos is excluded from this CIF Procedure.

If you are a Gold-Buyer, and you accept the above offer, kindly signify your acceptance by Contacting us via the Contact Form at the top right corner.

* All gold Mandates, Agents, Brokers, representatives and all form of intermediaries are to refer their direct buyers to us.
* We shall not engage any intermediaries or third parties in CIF negotiation; however, we shall pay all commissions due to mandates and intermediaries.
* Do not contact us if you merely know someone who knows someone who knows gold buyer.