CIF Gold Shipment from Africa to Dubai UAE 100%

 CIF Gold Shipment for all Gold-buyers in the UAE.

Quantity: 3000 Kilograms in stock.

Fineness (Quality): 22 Carats, to be refined to 24-carat Bullion.

Purity: 96 % to be refined to 99.99% Purity.


The price will be fixed minus 10% of the daily market price. 8% for the buyer, from which the buyer will pay 1.5% to the Logistics company in Dubai for logistics and refining. 2% for intermediaries.

Payment Terms:

·        The Buyer shall make the payment to the Logistics company’s account in Dubai by MT103 T/T transfer.

·        Then, the Seller will provide all necessary export documents to the buyer.


Dubai is the delivery destination; we have 3,000 kilograms available.

  • The Logistics company in Dubai, with its logistics, will take care of the delivery.
  • ü  The buyer shall open an account with the Logistics company in Dubai.
  • ü  A tri-party contract is entered between the Logistics company, the buyer, and the seller, outlining the terms.
  • ü  The buyer shall transfer the agreed-upon dollar amount to the Logistics company Dubai bank account.
  • ü  To guarantee the buyer’s funds, the Logistics company is willing to present either a guaranteed check to the buyer or a notarized legal declaration to both buyer and seller for the amount of money and gold transferred to the Logistics company.
  • ü  The refinery in Dubai shall refine the gold Dore in Dubai to 24-carat Bullion.
  • The Logistics company in Dubai will charge a 1.5% (based on LMBA) service fee and taxes to each party.
  • Dubai Gold

    If you are a Gold Buyer and accept the above offer, kindly signify your acceptance by contacting us via the Contact Form at the top right corner.