Ghanaian send gold to China for Asian Markets

Ghanaian and Chinese Flag Marrying Each other
Ghana and China Flag
The republic of Ghana happens to be the second largest gold producer in Africa while South Africa is the largest gold producer in Africa; Ghana has recently recorded a huge influx of migrants from different countries in exploration of raw materials, particularly gold. A lot of Chinese have left their homes in China, searching for better opportunities in Ghana. These Chinese migrants have focused on the Ghanaian galamsey (artisanal gold miner).
Over 50000 illegal Gold prospectors have traveled from China to Ghana since 2005. According to officers of the Ghana Immigration Service, those migrants use tourist visas to come into Ghana passing through neighboring countries.
The Ghanaian Small scale Gold miners should be encouraged to send gold to China for the Entire Asian Markets, The Encouragement should be in the form of Tax free shipment. The Chinese gold prospectors should be allowed to freely collaborate with Ghanaian small-scale miners without bureaucratic obstruction.