Full Corporate Offer (F.C.O.) FOB via PMMC

PMMC Ghana
Gold available for sale through the Precious Minerals Marketing Company (PMMC) Ghana, from small Scale Local gold miners here in Ghana.
We offer bush price and we rely on PMMC to sell our gold. No upfront payment.
Republic of Ghana
Gold Bar
Clean, Clear, No Liens and Non-Criminal Origin
94.% purity
50 to 450 Kilos
USD or Local Currency
Full or Partial Payment after Assay at the PMMC refinery here in Accra Ghana. (Cash or Wire-Transfer)

Buyer is invited to come, inspect the product, and conduct Assay at any Government recognize Gold refinery or the PMMC refinery here in Ghana before payment.
 No upfront payment, and no upfront demand for paperwork via the Internet or Email.
During buyer's visit to Ghana, signing of the Sales/Purchase Agreement will take place after both parties have agreed the conditions and procedures.
 Full or Partial Payment after Assay at the PMMC refinery here in  Accra Ghana. (Cash or Wire-Transfer) as may be agreed between the buyer and the Seller.
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  • All gold Mandates, Agents, Brokers, representatives and all form of intermediaries are to refer their direct buyers to us.
  • There is no any form of commission payment from Seller side; moreover, we shall not engage any intermediaries or third parties in negotiation.