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Dubai has become a major gold trading hub, actively pursuing untapped markets and cutting corners to frequently bring gold to the market. This is evidenced by the UAE's significant share of the world's gold trade in 2023.

As of 1996, the UAE was not even in the top 100 gold-importing countries. However, in just two decades, it rose to become one of the top four gold-importing countries in the world, surpassing Hong Kong and the United States.

CIF Gold Shipment from Africa to Dubai UAE 100%

 CIF Gold Shipment for all Gold-buyers in the UAE.

Quantity: 3000 Kilograms in stock.

Fineness (Quality): 22 Carats, to be refined to 24-carat Bullion.

Purity: 96 % to be refined to 99.99% Purity.


The price will be fixed minus 10% of the daily market price. 8% for the buyer, from which the buyer will pay 1.5% to the refinery in Dubai for logistics and refining. 2% for intermediaries.

Payment Terms:

·        The Buyer shall make the payment to the refinery’s account in Dubai by MT103 T/T transfer.

·        Then, the Seller will provide all necessary export documents to the buyer.


Dubai is the delivery destination; we have 3,000 kilograms available.

  • ü  The refinery in Dubai, with its logistics, will take care of the delivery.
  • ü  The buyer shall open an account with the refinery in Dubai.
  • ü  A tri-party contract is entered into between the refinery, the buyer, and the seller outlining the terms.
  • ü  The buyer shall transfer the agreed-upon dollar amount to the refinery Dubai bank account.
  • ü  To guarantee the buyer’s funds, the refinery is willing to present either a guaranteed check to the buyer or a notarized legal declaration to both buyer and seller for the amount of money and gold transferred to the refinery.
  • ü  The refinery in Dubai shall refine the gold Dore in Dubai to 24-Carat bullion.
  • The refinery in Dubai will charge a 1.5% (base on LMBA) service fee and taxes to each party.
  • Dubai Gold

    If you are a Gold Buyer and you accept the above offer, kindly signify your acceptance by contacting us via the Contact Form at the top right corner.

Gold Repossession Services in Ghana.

 We offer robust and fast Gold Repossession services for those who may have experienced an incidence of non-shipment of your gold after you have made a partial or full payment for the gold. 
We try as much as possible to trace and recover your gold, then ship the gold to your chosen destination.

 Whatever the dispute, we can assist.

We also help in the shipment of inheritance gold; if your Ghanaian friend, fiancé, or spouse has inherited gold and needs to sell or ship the gold before he/she can travel to join you, we can help you to either sell the gold locally here in Ghana or ship the gold to your chosen destination.
 For Inheritance Gold!!
Your Satisfaction is guaranteed.