CIF Gold Shipment to the United States of America

CIF Gold Shipment for all Gold-buyers in USA, forty 40 kilograms of gold bars is on its way to the USA.
All expenses paid by the Seller and Seller financier who is a US citizen.
Price:                        Negotiable 
Purity:                       96.0%
Carat:                        23
Quantity:                  40 kilograms 
Country of Origin:   Ghana
Payment:                  100% CIF (cost, insurance and freight)

  • No upfront payment!
  • No upfront demand for paperwork via the Internet!
  • No Middlemen in this transaction; only buyer to contact me, because no commission involved!

Buyer shall indicate his/her willingness to buy the gold and pay after deliver and assay in the USA. Buyer shall meet the seller financier/Mandate in US for inspection of the gold and have the gold analyzed (Assayed) for quality confirmation. After analysis, the buyer shall pay for the Gold as may be agreed by the Seller and the buyer.
Simple and straightforward transaction.
The offer is for only buyers in the USA or buyers who are ready and willing to travel to the USA.
Ghana Gold Shipment to USA

The Above is our outdated CIF Procedures

We have stopped accepting banking instruments such as BG, SBLC, and DLC as a guarantee of payment; because our bank has stopped honouring international banking instruments. Therefore, we have no option than to stop accepting it as a form of guarantee of payment.