Diversification of Gold profits

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What’s more?
What makes this investment platform standout?

  • Daily Instant Withdrawal of earnings,
  • A team of experienced traders, financial analysts, and account managers,
  • All deposit are guaranteed (Deposit Guarantee Fund - Deposit insurance).
Getting started with us at Basel Invest AG is quite easy and risk free, with the use
of digital currencies i.e. Perfect Money, Payeer, and Bitcoin as mode of payment.

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With which types of investments does Basel Invest AG. generate that high profits?
We are using all investment vehicles currently available in the world of finance, such as stocks,
bonds, mutual funds as well as direct investments. Significant funds are distributed to food industry,
including related B2B services as well as retail sector. Geographical areas encompass the entire globe,
including both developed economies as well as developing nations.
We buy and sell financial instruments (e.g. stocks, futures, derivatives, currencies)
within the same trading day such that all positions will usually be closed before the market close of the trading day.
Depending on trading strategy, it may range from several to hundreds of orders a day. By doing so we avoid the risk -
Inflation risk — the risk that the return on the investment is below inflation, and thus you are actually losing purchasing power.
Reinvestment risk — The risk that periodic cash flows (such as interest or dividend payments) will have to be reinvested at a lower rate than is currently available.
Market risk — the risk that the investment’s market value declines.
Currency risk — for foreign investments, the risk that changes in foreign exchange rates decrease your return.
Liquidity risk — the risk that the market is not liquid enough to allow you to cash out an investment.

We are not dealing with Options. Why? Options is risky and not fit for all investors.

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