Diversification of Gold profits

Gold Profits

Now is the right time to diversify your money:

If you have ever wondered how and when to start diversifying your funds for maximum profit, I can assure you the right to start is now. There are only two sure options available: Gold and Cryptocurrencies.


BullionVault is the largest online investment gold service, serving over $2 billion for more than 75,000 users globally. Click here to read more about Bullion Vaults.


Paxful is a peer-to-peer bitcoin online marketplace. It has over 300 payment methods to use, now allows users to transact in Gold.
The procedures involve the seller and the buyer first to negotiate and mutually agree on terms and conditions that include whether the gold exchange will happen in person and at what location. The bitcoin (BTC) owner will then sends the agreed-upon amount into a Paxful escrow, where it sits until the gold owner confirms gold transfer, and the other party confirms receipt. Then, Paxful releases the bitcoin. All this must be accomplished within 21 days of payment. Click here to read more about Paxful. 

13th China Gold and Precious Metals Summit 2018

GHANAGOLDAGENTS.NET  is Collaborating  with China's Leading Annual Precious Metals Gathering for Knowledge Sharing and Partnership opportunities
5th - 6th December 2018 | Shanghai China.

Assessing precious metals as a portfolio diversifier in a tightening cycle where volatility and uncertainty coexist 


  • Price Outlook Dollar Strength Fed Tightening Bond Yields
  • US Growth Momentum Political Uncertainty ECB Policy
  • Eurozone Economy
  • Geopolitical Risks and Protectionism Equity Markets
  • Investor Sentiment
  • Exploration and Mining Climate Comex Positions and ETP Holdings Inflation Expectations
  • Physical Buying Interest
  • Supply & Demand Fundamentals
  • 250+ Top Professionals
  • 30+ Mining Companies
  • 30+ Refiners
  • 20+ Bullion Dealers
  • 20+ Bullion Banks
  • 20+ Broker Houses
  • 10+ Trading Venues
  • 10+ Asset Managers
  • 10+ Trading Houses
  • 10+ Jewelers
  • 5+ Mints
  • 5+ Vaults
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