Original 100% CIF Gold shipment to any Country

Seller is willing to ship the gold to any Country on 100% CIF after prior signing of Contract with the buyer.
Ghana Gold CIF shipment

Price:             Negotiable
Purity:           96.8%
Carat:            23             
Quantity:       100 to 500 kilograms
Origin:          Ghana
No upfront payment.
  • The SELLER shall cover all expensive to ship the Gold to the BUYER, inter alia, all taxes, export charges, common expenses, storage, certificates, and shipping cost and all expenses to ship the Gold Nuggets from the country of origin to the Buyer’s nominated International Airport.
  • BUYER and SELLER shall agree on the traveling date for delivery of the goods to Buyer’s destination International Airport.
  • Final assay to be made at and by Buyer’s license registered refinery and both BUYER and SELLER shall accept the assay report.Click Here to Read more about CIF Shipment to Buyers destinations...

  • All gold Mandates, Agents, Brokers, representatives and all form of intermediaries are to refer their direct buyers to us.
  • There is no any form of commission payment from Seller side; moreover, we shall not engage any intermediaries or third parties in negotiating CIF.
  • Do not contact us if you merely know someone who knows someone who knows gold buyer.
  • If you know a gold buyer, simply negotiate your commission with the buyer, and then refer the buyer to us.