Our Foreign trade partner provides Banking instrument to ease trade and investment in Gold; Such as Letter of Credit (LC) or Standby Letter of credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantee (BG) and Documentary Letter of credit (DLC)
Cash and Gold Balance
Buying GOLD via CIF has been made easy by our Foreign Trade partner for all gold buyers who need financial bridge for gold, through financial instruments for 100% CIF 
Our Foreign trade associates provides instrument for trade and investment such as: Facilitate foreign short and long term Loan, Facilitate financial instruments for trading and projects, DLC, BG, and SBLC etc.
We collaborate with the following financial Institution as the bank instrument Issuers:
Suisse Credit Bancorp CIBC (HK) Limited
Suisse Credit Capital
Dubai Bank of Kenya
General Equity Building Society (Private Banking)
A local Ghanaian Term Trade instruments institution shall provide guidance as the facilitator of the Banking Instrument.
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